WARNING to all visiting the Mistress’s Domain:

I feel it is my obligation to inform you that I don’t like writing reviews without spoilers.  I want to talk about what I thought of the movie/book/TV show, including what I thought of certain scenes and, often, the ending.  If you haven’t seen or read whatever I’m talking about and you don’t want to know, don’t read my review yet – wait until after you’ve viewed the film yourself, then come back and read/comment/snark along with me.   I’m not going to stop and say “OMGSPOILERZZ” every five seconds to remind you.  I just feel like I can’t adequately describe films if I’m censoring myself to not tell you that the dumb bitch ran up the stairs instead of calling 911 and thus died in a brutal, bloody way.  So…please, read on, but do so at your own risk.

The Mistress


7 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT”

  1. Haha, now it’s a proper warning.
    Btw, I replied to your comment now. Wasn’t around for a day.

  2. Hey, bloggers at certain point hits the wall and cannot proceed. Did you hit the wall?

    • Nope – I’m still on board. But I have a couple guests in town staying with me so between work and entertaining, I haven’t had the time to watch and review. I’ll be back as the Mistress again as soon as I’m done being the Hostess 🙂

  3. Okay, now have you seen the New Nightmare On Elm Street trailer? It is going to be awesome, maybe even better than the original. Jackie Earle Haley is terrifying as Freddy and he might just top Robert Englund for me. YYESSS!! I’m sooooooo excited. Just watch the trailer and please tell what you think. I have the script btw. 😀

    I haven’t seen the movies you reviewed. Just sayin’.

    • Thank you for letting me know that was out! Watched it last night but was too zonked to post on it – I’ll post on it tonight when if I get the time.

      Script good, btw?

      • Post it or not you’ve gotta love it. Script? I read half of it(I never spoil anything) and it was quite good. But the trailer gave me hope, a whole lot.

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