Kruegermort, the Return

New Line has decided, only a few short weeks before the new A Nightmare on  Elm Street hits the big screen, to post a longer, more comprehensive trailer to those of us anxiously waiting  for the film’s release.  Yes, I am one of those who really cannot wait for this film to come out.  I’ll admit that I was super skeptical about the film after the first trailer.  I’ll admit that I’m frankly STILL super skeptical about the film after the second trailer…but now I’m also, beyond a doubt, super excited.

Ohhh so THIS is what grocery shopping in Hell is like...

Why, you may ask?  Was the trailer really that good?  Answer: um…maybe?  Ok, on the one hand, there are some really freaking awesome looking scenes.  Some of the dream sequences look like they could do exactly what a reimagining of this film SHOULD do – take the whole concept of real nightmares and use all the glory of special effects we have to make it look sweet.  Note – THIS DOES NOT MEAN EXTRA GORE.  It means scenes like the one above where the reality of the grocery store flickers into the unreality of Krueger’s world.  And while the original Nightmare wasn’t afraid of blood, this looks like it’s not trying to out-bloody – its predicessor…which I’m good with.

Mom told you to close the window when it snows for a reason.

Plus, it makes me believe they’re going to focus mostly on what’s great about the Nightmare concept – dreams that can kill you are scary as anything.  We’re supposed to be safe from nightmares – that’s the whole point.  Your brain can work out fears without them actually hurting you.  So, when they hurt you, you’re effed.  The fact that the trailer seems more interested in the bizarre dream sequences and how much that scares the main characters gives me hope for this film.

On a side note which I don’t have a ton to comment on, I’m intrigued to see Jackie Earle Haley’s performance.  I think he could do a good job.  So…he’s a big plus to me.

Still…I’m not entirely hopeful.  I’m sorry, I still think the makeup for Freddy is utter shit. 

What the crap is that.  Seriously.  It looks like amateur night at sculpting school – some crappy clay representation of what a face might look like.  PLUS – it seems to keep changing from scene to scene.  Here, he looks all melty clay man/Voldemort’s acne scarred cousin, and HERE he looks like he has a giant freaking crater in his face.  Where did all that scarring come from?  Is he still burning?  Like is he just going to get consistently more burned throughout the film until he’s a black lump of coal?  I may be totally on the unpopular side of things here but I just really hate this look.  I think the old Freddy, even with the less refined shooting/makeup/world of film was a hundred times more intriguing and scary.  PLUS more iconic and memorable.  To me, this is very blase and forgettable make up – one of the coolest things to me about Freddy is that after seeing that film, he WAS in your dreams, because a mug like that is just easy to erase from your mind.

I am SERIOUSLY hoping this is part of one of the dreams, because otherwise we're dipping into "He's been around forever"-IT territory that we just don't need to go into.

Issue number two: Back story.  I’ve read a couple of recent interviews with Haley and he’s all amped about how they’re going more into Krueger’s back story and what makes him tick…because it’s scarier…I feel like I’ve ranted against this same thing about 500 million times, but, you know what, I’m going to do it again.  Fears are irrational – thus rationalizing your scary ass characters MAKES THEM LESS SCARY.  I don’t want to know what it felt like for Freddy to burn alive and why he took his murder and decided to start haunting people’s dreams.  I like it better that I don’t – that he’s some fucked up former pedo burn victim who likes cutting women to ribbons in gory and fantastic ways.  I don’t want to know who he is, why he is, or even where the fuck he is.  I just want him to be…I want to know HE IS.  That’s it.  Period. Close the book.  I mean, sure, I’m always open to the idea that someone somewhere can prove me wrong, but I have yet to find a film, book, or story where finding out more about our scary monster villain makes him scarier.  Perhaps this will be the one film that changes my mind.  I’m gonna go ahead and bet it isn’t.  Thus, I’m still calling major skepticism on this film being as good as I hope it is.  I just can’t understand the focus on back story…blech…

Watch the trailer, see what you think, feel free to comment.  I’m hoping that the fears I have about this movie are unfounded because, seriously, the way they’re using new effects and technology to make the dreams looks like it could just completely blow me out of the water – I would LOVE for this to be one of those remakes that I go “wow, ok, totally did right by remaking this”.  But, I guess we’ll just have to wait until April to see if that happens.  Until then, can we please make Freddy look less like Voldemort?  Pretty please??


9 Responses to “Kruegermort, the Return”

  1. derecent Says:

    dunno, freddy talking like the recent portrayal of rorshach in Watchmen just reminds me of the watchmen. what happened to the guy that used to play him that looked like the lead singer of judas priest

    • See, I managed to not see Watchmen…considering everyone told me it was TERRIBLE, so I’m not worried about that association. However, I am curious as to why they didn’t tap Robert Englund, considering he’s only 63 and still acting (a la the glory that is Zombie Strippers)…and was awesome as Krueger… My guess is that the filmmakers wanted to separate themselves as much as possible from the original string of Nightmare films. Kind of do a Batman Begins and start their on series? Anyone have more details that I’m not aware of?

      • Watchmen was fantastic and Jackie did an oscar worthy job in it.(unfortunately got snubbed). That is exactly why I’m so excited about his take on Freddy. He plays psychos well.

        You mean the Batman Begins example in a bad way or good? Because in my opinion the last 3 Nolan films are 3 of the 5 best films of last decade.

      • Again, I can’t comment about Watchmen as I didn’t see it. I heard some bad things and considering I don’t see half the movies I would like to, I took a pass. Perhaps I will one day…

        I mean Batman Begins in a good way – I love Nolan’s take on the series and I was utterly blown away by Dark Knight…like more than I even expected to be, and I was expecting a hell of a lot. I just was referring more to the fact that Nolan took the established movie series and just totally diverged from it – went with a different look, tone, everything – and even managed to take perhaps the most iconic and well loved character in the original Batman movie (Joker) and do something amazing, different, and wonderful with it.

      • If you loved ‘THE JOKER 🙂 ” then you will definitely love Jackie’s Rorschach. They are great in every similar way.

        I didn’t see Zombie Strippers. I will, I like Englund.

        “Oh God!”
        “No, just me!!”

  2. As far as I know, the face will be better than it looks. And okay, here’s what I agree and disagree with:

    -Dont get me wrong, I love Englund. And his goofy take on Freddy was fun but it was getting REALLY tired. So many shitty sequels and I loved those shitty sequels but there is no way for me to say that they were GOOD movies. But this(judging from script and trailer), genuinely looks like a good movie with some good acting from the young actors. And I like that Freddy is so dark(like Rorschach) in this movie, I was sick of seeing clownish Fred(cough…Freddy vs Jason…cough).

    -I loved those dream-sequences and anything Jackie SAID was over the top. Not to mention the amazing last scene.

    -I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the back-story., I’m 50-50 on it. IF done well it can be good without being repeatative but there is a big IF.

    “Why are you screaming already, I haven’t even cut you yet.”

    • I’m more thinking Englund in original Nightmare…I realize that all the sequels started getting crappy as hell but…I try to look at originals in their own light and not let crap sequels distroy them for me.

      And that line is awesome…hence me still being excited about Haley doing Krueger 🙂

  3. And are you kidding? A 63 year Freddy in a modern day reboot? It would be disastrous.

    The recent best horror movie starring Englund would be ‘Jack Brooks Monster Slayer’. A horror-com that uses no CGI, cool action, endless gore and great character development.

    • I don’t think Freddy’s age would matter…I mean, as long as you cut out the first scene which is him getting burned and, as you know, I’m skeptical about anyway. But Freddy’s so covered in make up that as long as the actor is still spry (which Englund is) and has a voice which hasn’t aged much (which I think Englund does), it wouldn’t really matter. Again, not dissing the choice of Haley b/c I think he looks like he’d be good, but I don’t think Englund would have been disasterous at all.

      I’ll have to check out “Jack Brooks”…you have seen Zombie Strippers, right?

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