Horror Films to See

An American Werewolf in London
Army of Darkness
Black Christmas
Black Sunday
Bride of Frankenstein
Cannibal Holocaust
Cemetery Man
Don’t Look Now
Fright Night
Ginger Snaps
House of Wax
Les Diaboliques
Peeping Tom
Quartermass Xperiment
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Abominable Mr. Phibes
The Brood
The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari
The Dead Zone
The Fog
The Haunting
The Howling
The Innocents
The Plague
The Strangers
The Thing
Trick ‘R Treat
Village of the Damned



6 Responses to “Horror Films to See”

  1. First, about your current list… Cemetery Man ain’t your normal horror–but I thought it was brilliant. Hooray for ‘zombie’ films that aren’t REALLY zombie films but they still kind of are. Re-Animator is also good fun. So is Army of Darkness. Thumbs up, lady.

    Suggestions… I’m a big, fat fan of the Poltergeist films. Mostly the first one with creepy-as-hell parts of the second one thrown in for good measure. I’ll never look at Tequila the same again. The third is ALL 80s ALL THE TIME. And Horrible. APPALLINGLY Horrible. But the big hair, tight pants, and oversized sweaters still give it that happy place in my heart. PLUS–! Added bonus! Toss in the internet conspiracy that the entire series is CUUUUUURSED (There were deaths and accidents that occurred to cast members during or right after all three).

    I’m also kind of interested in the idea of blog posts consisting of Original vs Remake for a lot of films. Like House of Wax–I assume you mean the original. And not the crap-ass Paris Hilton remake. Also, Texas Chainsaw Massacre… again, I assume you mean the original and not the remake. But I could be very wrong. But it’s possible that doing that will make you a big angry bag of hate because so many remakes suck and suck hard. With gusto. Ah well.

    I also recommend watching Pet Cemetery with cats around. Mine freaked the fuck out. Best time ever. I assume you’ve already seen it… but have you seen it with KITTYVISION?

    • Seen all the Poltergeist movies. The first one is the only one that has any worth although I did see the third one when I was about 9 and it scared the bejeezus out of me…but mainly because I was a wimp when I was 9. And also seen Pet Semetary. Only like 5 million times ๐Ÿ˜› But…if I’m in the mood to freak Mo out, I’ll definitely keep that in mind ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m going to look into doing reviews of remakes. All the ones on the list are of course the originals but it would be interesting to compare, although I am afraid that I’ll just end up having a lot of angry rant posts about how the quality of horror, due to endless remaking of good old films, has gone tragically downhill. And how Paris Hilton should never act. EVER. I’ve actually seen the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacres and it was shit. So…I won’t rewatch that. Even if you want me to. Sorry, just can’t do it.

  2. May: f$#@ing creepy.
    The Howling: buildup for 80’s revolutionary werewolf transformation scene.

    And, a bunch of others I haven’t seen but are also on my list.

  3. The plague… seen it?

    also you gotta have exorcist up there, as well as paranormal activity. and cannibal holocaust

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