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Mini-Rant: Horror and the Oscars

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Before I get underway on this mini-rant, let me make something perfectly clear.  Twilight is NOT, I repeat NOT a horror film.  I’m frankly not convinced that Edward is in fact a vampire and not just suffering from the disease called “horrible-douchy-emoism”.  Regardless, when people sparkle in a movie and nothing actually scary happens, it is absolutely NOT a horror film. Continue reading


Psychopaths and Super Powers Don’t Mix (Review of Thirst)

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I will be the first to admit that when it comes to keeping up with foreign films, I’m terrible at it.  Every once in a while, though, a film will come to my attention, either by popularity within the horror community or because it’s a director I’ve seen and loved and I just have to see their new film.  Thirst falls into the later category.  Well…and sort of into the former – really, was I supposed to resist a Korean vampire flick about a priest?  Come on. Continue reading

This Movie Sucks (Review of Daybreakers)

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Get it?  Vampires?  Sucks?  Ok, so my boyfriend came up with that one.  It made me laugh.  I’m corny.  Get over it.  This movie does suck though.  If you will recall, I did a preview review of Daybreakers a while back.  I was puzzled.  On the one hand, yay vampires that are not emo and sparkly and yay awesome cast.  On the other hand, boo weird human harvest matrix theme and boo odd bat-Nosferatu vampires.  As the release of the film grew closer, I got kind of excited.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I had a good feeling.  Not a good “Oh wow, this will be a new legendary horror film” feeling but a good “I think I may enjoy this” feeling. Continue reading


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I love vampires.  Love them.  Think they are one of the cooler horror monsters. I love the idea of their origins – the whole twisted interplay of sexuality and fluids exchanging.  I love their ambiguity – and yes, I do think they are often remarkably ambiguous characters.  Sure, there are purely evil vampires. However, many seem to just want to exist.  Their existence, unfortunately, consists of them having to consume human blood which makes their relationship with humans, by its very nature, a bit antagonistic.  But, other than that, they’re not out there to kill everyone in sight.  I like when villains and monsters are so clear-cut.  It makes life interesting.  They’re these amazing liminal characters that can fit into so many allegories and walks of life and…just…great great stories. Continue reading

Birth Control 2.0 (Review of Grace)

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Blood: it does a body good

Grace is one of those films that I knew I had to check out as soon as I saw the trailer for it.  I’m sure it’s pretty clear from my other postings that I’m not a big fan of the blood guts and gore = OMGSOSCARED films that seem to have become the new definition of horror in our generation (seriously, CGI is ruining cinema…but that’s another story…and it’s called Avatar…).  I like subtlety.  I like films that have some depth.  Maybe the horror won’t make you jump out of your seat or be looking over your shoulder for monsters, but it will make you think, make you realize the horror in a situation and brood on it.  At it’s very best, it will make you subconsciously terrified as hell (like, in my opinion, a film like Rosemary’s Baby does, or even, in more modern blockbusters, The Ring did on many levels, once you scraped away the external elements of Naomi Watt’s blank stare and the CGI girl walking out of the TV).  Grace looked to be one of those films.  From the preview, you can’t quite tell what’s going on – is it real?  Did this stillborn child really reincarnate through some sacred (or, more aptly, unholy) magic?  Or did a woman on the verge of desperation retreat into insanity when faced with inconceivable tragedy?  Plays on psychosis and supernatural evil are delicious to me; they toy with your mind until every instant in the film becomes suspicious and unnerving. Continue reading

The Week in Previews – 11/02/09

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So, given that the Mistress actually has to have a job (lame, I know) sometimes watching tons of horror all the time doesn’t work out.  However, luckily, God created these beautiful little things called previews.  Basically, they’re 2 minute movies that we can watch and then instantly judge what the real 120 minute movie will be like.  Brilliant.  It’s like watching a real movie except quicker and possible to do on lunch break. Continue reading